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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Example of Article Review

Article Review
Title of Article  :    The Great Motivator
Author               :    David McKenzie
Source               :

Motivation is necessary for every student. Motivation is needed to encourage them to learn. It is one of teacher’s responsibilities to help students build their motivation when their primary (internal) motivation is low. But, how to be a great motivator? David McKenzie has a great answer for this question in his article “The Great Motivator.” In this article, he explained four key factors affect the rate at which a student learns a second language. He explains these factors one by one and then gives great suggestion about what teachers should do to motivate their students. This article only emphasizes on the external motivation and gives general suggestions for every teacher to motivate students. Even though, I think this is a recommended article to be read, especially for teachers.
In his article, McKenzie explained that there are four points that gives influence toward students’ success in learning a second language. They are students’ primary motivation that is divided into instrumental and integrative motivation, the amount of time the students spent in class and practicing the language, teaching approach that is used by the teacher, and the teacher teaching effectiveness and style. Among all the four factors, the most important is students’ primary motivation, either instrumental or integrative, but it does not mean that teachers’ skills to motivate   their students are not important for both teaching and learning. Great teachers have different ways to motivate their students by combining variation and structure in teaching activities such as offering tools for learning. Then, the author also summarizes some teachers’ style to motivate their students. They are creating a great lesson plan, making a good classroom management, having a good teaching style, doing good and regular assessment and testing, and improving the teacher professional development.
This article is very important for the teacher. The teacher needs to know different ways to motivate students. This article can be a good reading to broaden teacher’s knowledge in motivating students. Reading this article will give an inspiration to create a motivating learning environment in the classroom by doing what McKenzie’s has suggested. Teachers can try to make their own great lesson plan, manage their class well, etc.
Then, I really agree with McKenzie statement that although primary motivation is the most important, the teacher’s motivational skills are still critical for both teaching and learning. In fact, we can find that not every student have a great motivation in learning. Some of them are bored being in the classroom, lazy to study, do not pay attention to the teacher’s explanation ,etc. There are many reasons why they become not interested in the lesson and one of the reasons is because of the teacher’s fault. The teacher does not respond to what student’s need and want. The author suggestion is reasonable and practicable to be applied. What McKenzie said in the article not merely a theory but what other great teachers have done and proved. Surely, other teachers can do these suggestions and make some improvement according to what the students in their class need.
Unfortunately, this article mostly offers the way to motivate students in a general suggestion. The author does not mention specific ways or give a detail examples. Even though, I think it can be forgiven because the author maybe want the reader to interpret his suggestions - after reading - in a creative implementation. Therefore, this reason does not make sense and less the valuable of this worthwhile article.  
In the end, I want to restate that this article is a recommended reading, especially for teachers. Although, this article just give the readers a general suggestion to motivate their students, it can be an inspirational reading for every teacher to create their own motivating learning environment and to become a great motivators in the classroom.

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