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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Example of Summary

Why Adopt A Vegetarian Diet?
Alternation assumption of Americans about the importance of meat has led some of them to become a vegetarian. They changed their beliefs based on three reasons. First is ethical reason. They want to avoid sadistic treatment to animals that are slaughtered cruelly for consumption. Then, to decrease cattle production for saving environment is the next reason. Cattle production endangers our environment by its negative effects such as soil erosion, water and air pollution, and could cause cataclysmic global effect in this century. Finally, the last reason is about personal health. It has been studied scientifically that vegetarian diets are related with lower levels of cholesterol, high pressure of blood, obesity, diabetes, and colon cancer so that they can have healthier live. Furthermore, anxiety of nutritional, cultural, and practical reason is not a problem anymore. It can be negotiated, such as nutrients in the meat can be found in the vegetables, many restaurants now served pleasurably menu for vegetarians, and vegetarians can ask nonmeat food when they are faced with family food traditions. Therefore, being a vegetarian is impacted not only just for personal health but also for the planet’s health.

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