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Thursday, August 30, 2012

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Time Talks, with an Accent
Robert Levine

Group 1
Ø  Fastha Bagus Shirotha (120221521956)
Ø  Winda Syafitri (120221521969)
Ø  Annisa Humaira Norman (120221521958)
Ø  Yansyah (120221521953)
Ø  Ronald Nadeak (120221521952)
Ø  Urwatus Silvia Rahmah (120221521970)

The Story
            This essay tells the story of Robert Levine as a visiting professor in a Brazilian university. He found cultural differences in regard with the concept of time and the intercultural misunderstandings and conflicts that arise from the variations in the temporal concepts of time.
            He got a dose of cultural shock in adjusting to a new concept of social time, which reflects different cultural beliefs, assumptions and values than he was habitual in his native country, i.e. US. He found Brazilian timepieces inaccurate and none care about that except him. The students came late to the class without expressing their guilty for being late. Furthermore, he found that even the professors were not punctual. They made the people wait for a long time. Likewise his experience with the landlord suggested the same. Although he waited for his a longtime, he was unable to meet him doubted, the people of Brazil make appointments but they never trouble themselves respecting the value of time.              

            Based on the story, we could understand what the writer means the title “Time Talks, with an Accent.” In the essay, he clearly told how the value of time between two different countries is different through several anecdotes. These anecdotes are based on the author’s personal experiences which makes him draws a conclusion that time was talking. Time was talking about how a group of people or a nation in a certain culture has their own value of time itself. The reason why they have such value, then, may be could not be simply understood by others. There are only the people of the group who can well explain it. Therefore, people’s belief and rules about punctuality identifies the culture in which he comes from, just as accent you have.

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